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The key to easy financial management in your Practice is integration of your practice management software with your bookkeeping software. How much time do you or your bookkeeper spend reconciling bank statements with accounts? Do you keep your doctors updated on their billing shares? Find report building time consuming?

There is a plethora of software for practice management, accounting, eftpos terminal management and timesheet processing out there. It’s no wonder that come BAS or EFOY we are spending inordinate amounts of time checking each software report against another. Integrate your software and automate the background reporting processes. Then spend your time spent managing staff, patients and your practice!

Practice Companion has been working with Surgical Partners, a financial administration platform for healthcare practices in Australia, to help existing and new practices with their software integration. If you are running any of the leading practice management software systems like BlueChip, PracSoft and Best Practice, or want to integrate accounting software like MYOB or XERO, Surgical Partners and Practice Companion can help save you time and money.