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Having a Virtual Remote Solution gives your practice a professional image, without the costly overheads of having to set up infrastructure or recruit staff.

Start-up costs are less than establishing a hard site practice – by up to 90%

Affordable minimum monthly cost

Flexibility to work from multiple locations

Maintain a professional image for your practice

Skilled, knowledgeable dedicated administrative staff

24/365 access to your practice management software and support

Dedicated Phone/ Fax Number/ Email

Choice of Practice Management Software

Accurate Billing and Receipting

Booking of Surgical Procedures and Liaison with Hospital Departments

Stress Free transition to hard site private practice when you are ready

There are many benefits to having a Virtual Solution hosted in the Cloud environment; able to practice from multiple locations, decreased initial overheads for new practice setup, Swift set up initiated by skilled and experienced personnel and a professional image from day one.

Personalised: With a Virtual Remote Solution we work with you and ensure you are totally “hands on” with the processes of your practice. There is a fully experienced practice assistant to ensure YOU are supported at the highest level and the patient experience for your practice is maintained in a caring and professional environment.

We will assist with setting up your remote virtual office. Your patients won’t know the difference,