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The key to easy financial management in your Practice is integration of your practice management software with your bookkeeping software. How much time do you or your bookkeeper spend reconciling bank statements with accounts? Do you keep your doctors updated on their billing shares? Find report building time consuming?

There is a plethora of software for practice management, accounting, eftpos terminal management and timesheet processing out there. It’s no wonder that come BAS or EFOY we are spending inordinate amounts of time checking each software report against another. Integrate your software and automate the background reporting processes. Then spend your time spent managing staff, patients and your practice!

Practice Companion has been working with Surgical Partners, a financial administration platform for healthcare practices in Australia, to help existing and new practices with their software integration. If you are running any of the leading practice management software systems like BlueChip, PracSoft and Best Practice, or want to integrate accounting software like MYOB or XERO, Surgical Partners and Practice Companion can help save you time and money.

Do you need virtual support for medical administrative services? We can help!

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Practice Companion currently has staff, immediately available, to help you with any medical or allied health practice administrative requirements via virtual support services. We are experienced in all areas of medical administration and phone services. We can provide you the support you need to ensure your business is being looked after while you care for patients.

If you need advice or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact Pene at or call 0421 996 286.

Virtual Practice Management for specialists – is it for you?

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When you are setting up your specialist practice you may realise that the expense in both time and money for a practice management staff when copmpared to the size of the practice is expensive. Considering a small specialist practice’s needs, a virtual practice management service (VPMS) may well be the way to go.

A virtual practice manager you ask? Why? Well…


A virtual practice management service is cost effective. In our experience costs have been reduced by up to 50% of a physical practice.


VPMS are always looking for the next best thing to make administration more efficient. The idea behind VPMS is that it is efficient for you, for them, for your staff.


Don’t want to have to recruit, employ and train administration staff? The VPMS service does all this for you.

Cloud Based

all management data will be stored on the cloud. If you need information or assistance in another City, State or Country it is literally at your fingertips. Not 5000km away in a filing cabinet or onsite practice server. Data is still secure, just accessible.


A VPMS will not what works and what doesn’t. They’ve years of experience and have all the tips and tricks. They can guide you in administrating your practice and also train your staff to do things in the way you want them done. You don’t have to face the wall of resistance or lack of knowledge. They also have numerous contacts such as specialists in IT, Consulting, Business and Government institutions (think Medicare) at their fingertips. They know the jargon, know the methods, can get information and get it fast.

Tailored Solutions

Perhaps you don’t need full time reception staff. Overhead costs of employing a staff members for short periods is onerous. Especially when compared to the actual on the ground requirement. A good VPM can work with you and provide tailored solutions for your business. This includes offering ‘meet-and-greet’ services with staff who can be the face at the front door or inhouse patient invoice processing on the day. You can share costs with other practitioners with whom you share rooms. The options really are up to what will work best for you.

Strategic Planning

Everyone has different priorities. A VPMS can work with you to identify your priorities and put in place a strategy to improve your practice.

Practice Management is a large task and many doctors who set up a practice don’t realise how big until they are there in the trenches. A Virtual Practice Management Service can let you do the job you do best – being a doctor!

Privacy & IT Reliability

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Medical clinics have a great responsibility to their patients. Responsibility to not only provide health and wellbeing services, but to protect patient privacy. Health (medical) records are one of the most sensitive types of personal information. With almost all medical practices turning to paperless systems, patient records are stored electronically. To ensure privacy and protection for every patient, as per the Privacy Act (1988), reliable software and IT security are essential.

The medical industry is reliant on technology in the 21st century. Therefore, it is imperative that IT networks are reliable and IT compliance requirements are met. In the event of a system failure, medical professionals must be back up and running as soon as possible. If your doctors can’t access their patient files, they can’t provide your patients the best service and support possible.

If your medical practice needs to improve IT security, uptime or ensure your systems are best practice, it could be time to combine your practice software system with an independently managed IT support team.  An independent support team can ensure system stability and back-up integrity and provide on-the-spot solutions to IT issues, both during and after hours. Practice Companion can provide outsourced, independently managed IT support solutions tailored to your business needs.

Meet the Team

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Did you know our team has over 70 years combined experience in the medical administration and management industries? To complement the industry specific experience we have multi-disciplinary consultants. Our areas of expertise include project management, project administration, IT, software support and training and consultancy. We also have customer service specialists and typists available for your Practice’s needs.

Led by Director Pene Marsh (pictured), we can help you navigate setting up a new Practice, support your existing Practice, provide virtual management solutions and software health check audits.

Pene Marsh (Director)

Staff Communication – is yours working?

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Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of 2019 and now is the time to audit your staff communication systems. Are they working? Are they effective? Where could they be improved?

Communication between staff members, likewise between staff, patients and management, are all integral to the smooth operation of a Medical Practice. Some ways of ensuring communication between staff members are effective and efficient include:

  • Making use of office software tools such as those found in Genie and Best Practice. This is a sure fire way to be able to link patient related communications to the patient. It also ensures communications are recorded.
  • Having a daily summary email to everyone at the end of each day. This is particularly useful in job share positions where the same receptionist or office manager may not there daily.
  • If you are a paper based practice perhaps a diary at the front desk would work to record any outstanding items for the next day’s team to address.
  • Open and honest dialogue between staff and managers to ensure everyone feels safe speaking up.
  • Training on patient communication for all staff.

Remember, effective communication does not come naturally to all people. Ask if your staff would like training in communcation. If you think your Practice needs a reveiw get in touch today and we can help you ensure your staff are communicating the right way for your business. It’s a vital tool for an efficient and successful Practice.